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Welcome to sunny San Diego. From lovely beaches to popular attractions for all ages, this city is like an eternal summer vacation. Text a gift to a variety of restaurants, shops, and more in San Diego with GiftYa.

Popular brand egifts sent straight to their phone. Text a GiftYa to anyone in your phone’s contact list so they can shop at their favorite stores and restaurants. Sending a gift has never been easier!

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San Diego food gifts

San Diego food gifts

Visit restaurants offering tasty burritos, wood-fired pizza, and local wines in America’s Finest City. Give a taste of San Diego to someone you know with when you send an eGift with GiftYa.

A gift to San Diego

A gift to San Diego

Whether the plan is to soak in some sun, take a boat tour, visit a boutique, or grab a bite, San Diego has something for everyone.

Your thoughtful gift will be one of many things they remember about the trip to San Diego. With GiftYa, all you have to do is choose the merchant, personalize your message, and text the gift.

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