GiftYa purchase information

processing charges

GiftYa amount processing charge
$5.00 - $100.00 $1.95

Delivery date

The delivery date is chosen by the buyer as the date the GiftYa can be unwrapped by the recipient. This feature makes it easy to buy a GiftYa for birthdays, holidays or events prior to the date it should be available to the recipient.

Expiration date and unused funds

A recipient has six months from the delivery date to claim the GiftYa by linking it to their debit card. If the GiftYa is not claimed, the GiftYa amount (purchase price excluding any processing charges, if applicable) will be credited to the buyer’s GiftYa account.

Once the recipient claims their GiftYa, they have six months to use the full balance. Any unused funds are credited to the recipient’s GiftYa account. Credited funds do not include the processing charges above.