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Why GiftYa?

GiftYa is reinventing giving with a personalized and meaningful no loss, no waste gift. GiftYa is fast, safe and secure!

buying or redeeming a GiftYa

Why giftya?

In a world of fast-moving life and experiences, it’s important to slow down and remember what truly matters. Here at giftya, we believe gift-giving should be an act of kindness, a way to slow down life for someone we care about. So why giftya? What makes us different? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves! We allow you to buy e gift cards instantly online and send a gift card via text message to your loved ones all over the US. Now you can send thoughtful, meaningful, and practical gifts no matter where you are!

Sending a giftya

Choose a recipient

All you need is their mobile phone number!

Select a merchant & an amount

Choose from almost any merchant across the U.S. and give an amount up to $100.

Personalize the giftya

Upload a photo or video, choose a fun wrapper, and add a meaningful message!  You can send a personalized gift in seconds! 

Receiving a giftya

Receive a text

You will get a text message letting you know you have received a giftya!

Connect your giftya

Follow the prompts to connect your giftya to your Visa, Mastercard or debit card. It can also be used like an eGift Card.

Receive the gift amount

When you use your connected Visa, Mastercard or debit card to make a purchase, giftya sends the gift amount to your account. 

Giftya Select: options to use your giftya as an eGift Card

Connecting a giftya to your Visa, Mastercard, or debit card allows you automatically get credited the gift amount when you make a purchase - there's nothing else to remember! We also offer other options like using your gift as an eGift just like you would use a plastic gift card.

Want to know more about these unique gifts?

Are you a merchant who wants to claim your business on GiftYa?

Here are just a few of the benefits for merchants that are Official Partners:

  • Add your logo and photos of your business
  • Update important information such as locations
  • Use our widget to sell GiftYas for your business on your website
  • Track your GiftYa sales and redemptions
  • Best of all, it’s free!