How It Works | GiftYa

Why GiftYa?

GiftYa is reinventing giving with a personalized and meaningful no loss, no waste gift. GiftYa is fast, safe and secure!

buying or redeeming a GiftYa

GiftYa is perfect when you want to give a unique gift, a local gift or choose a large national brand… fast and safely!

Want to give a unique, personalized gift? How about a local gift to the corner coffee shop? With GiftYa, you can safely give a gift for almost any merchant in the U.S., personalize your gift then send it to your recipient’s phone within seconds.

Sending a GiftYa

Choose a recipient

All you need is their mobile phone number!

Select a merchant & amount

Choose from almost any merchant across the U.S. and give an amount up to $100.

Personalize the GiftYa

Upload a photo or video, choose a fun wrapper, and add a message!  Send a personalized gift in seconds! 

Receiving a GiftYa

Get a text

You will get a text message letting you know you have received a GiftYa!

Connect your GiftYa

Follow the prompts to connect your GiftYa to your Visa, Mastercard or debit card. *Can also be used like an eGift Card.

Receive the gift amount

When you use your connected Visa, Mastercard or debit card to make a purchase, GiftYa sends the gift amount to your account. 

GiftYa Select: options to use your GiftYa as an eGift Card

Connecting a GiftYa to your Visa, Mastercard, or debit card lets you automatically get credited the gift amount when you make a purchase - there's nothing else to remember! We also offer other options like using your gift as an eGift just like you would use a plastic gift card.

Want to know more about these unique gifts?

Are you a merchant who wants to claim your business on GiftYa?

Here are just a few of the benefits for merchants that are Official Partners:

  • Add your logo and photos of your business
  • Update important information such as locations
  • Use our widget to sell GiftYas for your business on your website
  • Track your GiftYa sales and redemptions
  • Best of all, it’s free!