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Reward employees & customers instantly with a personalized gift to almost any merchant in the U.S.

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Why is GiftYa better than gift cards?

Personalized gifts

Customize each GiftYa with your company’s logo and write a gift message.

Unique gifts

Choose the merchant (local or national, large or small) where the GiftYa can be used.

Money back guarantee

If the GiftYa is not claimed by the expiration date you select, you get the funds back. No waste!

GiftYa is perfect for employee incentive programs and customer appreciation programs.

GiftYas are less expensive to buy, they do not lose value (can’t be lost or stolen) and if the recipient does not claim the GiftYa you bought by the expiration date set you have the option to be credited all or a portion of the unused funds.

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How it works


Select a merchant

Choose a brand or give your recipients the option to choose their own.


Customize the GiftYa

Choose a value, write a gift message, and wrap the gift with your company logo.


Deliver the GiftYa

Whether it’s delivered via email or text, your recipients will love their gift.



Recipients will claim their gift by connecting it to a debit card in just a few seconds, shop as they normally would and are credited the amount they spend until the GiftYa is used in full.

Track spending activity

Track each GiftYa order to see which egifts have been connected, used and what the remaining balance is for each.

Receive real-time notifications if a GiftYa was undeliverable and resend any GiftYa with the click of a button.  Select your expiration date to drive user behavior and when a GiftYa expires, you have the option to receive all or a portion of the remaining funds back.  

GiftYa offers the best value

When comparing GiftYa to a gift card you can see the GiftYa egift is much friendlier to you cost wise and for your recipients to use.  With GiftYa, the funds are never lost. You have the option to receive all or a portion of the funds back if the GiftYa is not claimed by the expiration date selected.  

American Express
Gift Card
Gift Card
GiftYa Logo
# of brands available Thousands Typically 1 Thousands
# of gifts 1,000 1,000 1,000
Gift value $50 $50 $50
Purchase fee $3.95 $0 $2.95
Total purchase amount $53,950 $50,000 $52,950
Unused value 12% 12% 12%
Returned funds $0 $0 $3,000
Net amount spent $53,950 $50,000 $49,950

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