about us

The company creating the next generation gift card.

where it all started

Gift credits were first conceived in 2008 when two friends named Adam Ludwig and Patrick Ledbetter wanted to buy a beer for each other while sitting at a restaurant. They thought it would be cool if they could just credit each other the amount so they could continue their tradition of giving a beer even if they weren’t in the same location together. They formed RealGift Services, Inc. and started building a product.


In 2010, GiftYa was formed by Jason Wolfe, a pioneer in the gift card industry, and Tom Isaacson, inventor and patent lawyer. While working on Wolfe’s patents, the gift credit concept was shared and they started working with investors to grow, patent and expand the concept in partnership with Ledbetter and Ludwig.


In 2012, GiftYa was issued several key patents around the process of gift credits. A gift card can easily be lost, stolen, or forgotten. GiftYas are unique gifts that never lose their value, are virtually fraud free and can never be lost.


In 2016, Wolfe sold GiftCards.com, the largest online gift card site to Blackhawk Network, and began focusing on GiftYa, changing the gift card industry. We are passionate about how GiftYa makes giving easier… GiftYa is the next generation gift card!

Gifting is reinvented with the launch of GiftYa!

our vision

To create the perfect way to gift.

our mission

To empower people to send a personalized gift within seconds, for any merchant, that never loses value, and cannot be lost or stolen.

GiftYa is part of Wolfe.com, an innovative Pittsburgh-based tech company. Founded in 1995, Wolfe is a visionary group of engaged and positive-minded people, built on a culture of teamwork and giving. We wholeheartedly believe our success is a result of our core values.


The foundation of our company is trust, with every interaction and transaction.


We give our time, talents and resources in service to each other and our community proactively.


We are self motivated, empowered, diligent, and committed to our best performance in everything we do.


We create social cohesion and collaboration as we treat others with respect and collectively succeed.