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The company creating the next generation gift card.

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GiftYa is a trailblazing gifting platform and technology company who is dedicated to creating the next generation gift card. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, we are a team of 40 people whose mission is to help people give beautiful and personalized gifts that can be redeemed at any merchant in the country. Delivered in seconds, a GiftYa is for those who seek to give the perfect gift with zero hassle.

As the next generation gift card, we've changed the way people give by creating a personalized gift that cannot be lost, stolen, or used for illegal activity. GiftYa makes the most of the technology you already use every day to help you celebrate and give thanks for the moments that matter the most.

GiftYa is part of Wolfe, LLC, an innovative Pittsburgh based tech company. Founded in 1995, Wolfe is a visionary group of engaged and positive-minded people, built on a culture of teamwork and giving.

our mission

To provide an alternative solution to gift cards, because gift cards can be lost, stolen, used for illegal activity, and impersonal. Gift card selection is limited to mostly national brands, and the industry counts on the recipient not using or losing their gift card to make additional money. We will provide a beautifully presented personalized gift alternative that cannot be lost, stolen or used for illegal activity with the ability to buy for any merchant in the country and delivered in seconds.

GiftYa: years in the making

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Jason Wolfe, founder and CEO of GiftYa, created GiftCertificates.com. Did you know that before gift cards, people purchased paper hand-written gift certificates? These gift certificates were large, easily damaged, and prone to counterfeits.

Wolfe purchased the GiftCards.com domain, and rebranded GiftCertificates.com. Due to the many problems concerning gift certificates, the company changed directions and began to focus on selling one product: the first online Visa gift card. At that time, Visa gift cards were not available in retail stores.

Wolfe purchased a 20,000 sq. ft building and began to broaden the GiftCards.com product offering with a new focus on corporate clients. With improvements to the way corporate gift cards were delivered and serviced, the company expanded and became Visa, Mastercard, and Discover certified.

Two friends name Adam Ludwig and Patrick Ledbetter were looking for a way to share drinks with friends and relatives across the country, even when they weren’t in the same place. To solve this problem, they created Give Real. Give Real allows someone to give a gift card, but the value is tied to the recipient’s credit card instead of a separate gift card.

Wolfe was introduced to the Give Real idea through his patent lawyer, Tom Isaacson. Immediately in love with the idea, Wolfe reached out to Ludwig and Ledbetter. Not long after, they agreed to join forces to patent and expand the Give Real concept.

Jason Wolfe acquired GiftCardGranny.com, an online discount gift card exchange containing over 100,000 gift cards from more than 1,000 different stores.

With the Give Real concept still in his back pocket (now named GiftYa), Wolfe knew the idea was ahead of its time and waited to launch until the industry was ready. GiftCards.com continued to grow and sold over 10 million gift cards with a value of over $1 billion. Reaching over $100 million in annual sales, GiftCards.com became the world’s #1 gift card website.

OmniCard.com, the corporate branch of GiftCards.com, grew to more than 5,000 clients, including more than 25% of the Fortune 500, and created more than 2,000 branded rewards cards.

GiftCards.com and OmniCard.com were sold to Blackhawk Network for $120 million in early January. “I couldn’t imagine a better pairing than with Blackhawk Network,” said Jason Wolfe. “We’re confident that our customers will benefit significantly from the expanded reach, products and services that Blackhawk has to offer.”

After the sale, Wolfe refocused his team on GiftCardGranny.com and began to shift the product away from the secondary gift card market. Since gift cards are not traceable, they are often linked to fraudulent activity and crimes. Wolfe knew it was time to focus on the Give Real concept, now rebranded as GiftYa. The industry had evolved, Wolfe held numerous patents on the idea, and he knew it was time for card-linking to become the next generation of gift cards.

Wolfe’s 20,000 sq. ft building became an incubator for many of his companies including GiftCardGranny.com, PerfectGift.com, Compromised.com, MyCoupons.com, SaveYa.com, SentralHub.com, all while continuing to takes the necessary steps to build GiftYa.com.

GiftYa was officially launched in 2018, and our vision is to help move humanity to express care for each other more often, and quick, through beautiful gift giving.

GiftYa Is Built On Integrity


The foundation of our company is trust, with every interaction and transaction.

We Value Caring Among Our Team Members


We give our time, talents and resources in service to each other and our community proactively.

GiftYa Was Made Possible With Drive And Focus


We are self motivated, empowered, diligent, and committed to our best performance in everything we do.

Teamwork Made GiftYa What It Is Today


We create social cohesion and collaboration as we treat others with respect and collectively succeed.