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It’s easy to text an eGift for top Scottsdale merchants.

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Exciting nightlife, relaxing spas, and numerous outdoor adventures await in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. It’s easy to text an eGift for top Scottsdale merchants.

Popular brand egifts sent straight to their phone. Text a GiftYa to anyone in your phone’s contact list so they can shop at their favorite stores and restaurants. Sending a gift has never been easier!

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Scottsdale food gifts

Scottsdale food gifts

Creative casual and fine dining establishments can be found throughout Scottsdale. Invite a friend to enjoy a first-rate dining experience when you choose from a variety of restaurant eGifts with GiftYa.

Personalized Scottsdale gifts

Personalized Scottsdale gifts

From the impressive art scene in Downtown Scottsdale, the diverse mix of western-themed activities, and multiple places to relax and unwind, Scottsdale has it all. 

With GiftYa, all you have to do is choose a Scottsdale merchant, personalize your gift with a photo or video, and text it. Your recipient will receive it within seconds.

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