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If you accept Visa and Mastercard, then you already accept GiftYa! Join over 5,000 locations and manage your listing with Direct Connect, the GiftYa merchant portal.

"GiftYa is the Venmo of gifting."

GiftYa is a unique and instant way to send a gift.

Easy, personalized and thoughtful, a GiftYa is sent within seconds, can’t be lost and doesn’t lose value as it is tied to users’ Visa or Mastercard.

Business requirements
  • No POS integration
  • No training
  • No set up
  • No cost
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Get access to Direct Connect

GiftYa’s merchant portal, Direct Connect, enables recipients of GiftYa egifts to connect their Visa or Mastercard with the egift, rather than their bank account. The usage and customer satisfaction rates are much higher with Direct Connect. Best of all, it’s free and only takes merchants minutes to connect!

  • Real-time sales summary
  • Ability to add locations
  • Insight to GiftYas in circulation
  • Overview of outstanding balances
  • Detailed heat map of where users are searching/sending GiftYas
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