GiftYa | Phoenix, AZ e-Gift Cards
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Phoenix, AZ eGift Cards

With GiftYa, you can give a beautifully presented, personalized gift that cannot be lost or stolen. Choose from any merchant in the USA, personalize your gift and send it to your recipient’s phone within seconds. For U.S. purchase and use only.

Personalize your gift

Give a gift amount from almost any merchant in the United States. From major department stores and restaurants to your local coffee shop and boutiques, GiftYa offers personalized gifts and experiences that your recipients will love.

To make your gift memorable, every GiftYa includes the ability to upload a photo or video, choose from a variety of fun wrappers, write a custom message, and select the exact date you want it to be delivered. It only takes a few seconds to send a GiftYa.

Top gift idea

Unique gifts are often the best gift ideas. With GiftYa you can send a gift to their favorite restaurant or introduce a new store to shop at. Gift amounts range from $5 - $250 so it’s perfect for an on-the-spot surprise or a birthday present. GiftYa is the flexible gift option you can customize for each recipient.

Deliver a smile instantly when you text a GiftYa for restaurants, hotels, shopping, personal services and more! Search businesses by name or enter in a city and zip code.

Looking for local gift ideas or the perfect local gift?

Text a gift to a local pub or well-known department store. With GiftYa you can choose almost any merchant in the U.S. making it a fast and easy gift option.