GiftYa | Text or Email a Kokomo Joe's Family Fun Center eGift card
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Text or Email a Kokomo Joe's Family Fun Center eGift card

Text or email a personalized eGift card

1. Choose amount ($5 - $250)


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For U.S. purchase and use only.

Here are the ways your recipient can use their Kokomo Joe's Family Fun Center GiftYa
Activate to a Visa, Mastercard or Amex
Send to bank account with Zelle
Swap for another merchant
Get a plastic Visa gift card in the mail
Pay it forward and ReGift

GiftYa provides an alternative solution to gift cards, because gift cards can be lost, stolen, used for illegal activity and are impersonal. Gift card selection is limited to mostly national brands, and the industry counts on the recipient not using or losing their gift card to make additional money. GiftYa is a beautifully presented, personalized gift alternative that cannot be lost, stolen or used for illegal activity with the ability to buy for any merchant in the USA and is delivered in seconds.

The gift card industry is broken. GiftYa is dedicated to fixing it with the next generation of gifting. GiftYa is more than a website or app, it’s a movement! GiftYa makes the most of the technology we already use every day so givers can send meaningful gifts in the moment. Join the #GiftYa Movement

Buyers can choose from almost any merchant across the U.S., personalize their gift with a photo or video, write a personal message, choose from fun gift wrappers and deliver it within seconds using only the recipient’s mobile phone number.

Recipients simply activate their GiftYa to their payment card within seconds, shop as they normally would and their account is credited the amount they spend until the GiftYa value is used in full. Unlike a gift card, a GiftYa can never be lost or stolen and it doesn't lose value.

Choose a merchant

Get a GiftYa to one of your favorite retailers, stores, restaurants and more. With almost every merchant across the USA to choose from - GiftYa is the gift of choice.

Add gift details

Use the GiftYa website or mobile app to purchase a GiftYa by entering the recipient's mobile phone number or email address. It only takes minutes to make a decision on a merchant, select an amount, personalize the GiftYa, and decide when you want the recipient to receive the GiftYa.


Every GiftYa includes the ability to upload a photo or video, choose from a variety of elegant wrappers, write a custom message, and select the exact date you would like the GiftYa to be delivered.

Introducing the GiftYa from Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center! This gift card is perfect for giving the gift of entertainment to friends and family. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or just an enjoyable afternoon, Kokomo Joe’s makes it easy to give the perfect gift.

The GiftYa from Kokomo Joe’s is designed for speed and convenience. With just a few clicks, you can send a GiftYa via text in seconds. And if you link it to the recipient’s account, there’s no chance of the GiftYa being lost or stolen. You can even personalize the GiftYa with a photo or logo of your choice.

With the GiftYa from Kokomo Joe’s, the recipient can enjoy a variety of entertainment and activities. Choose from a selection of over 100 arcade games, laser tag arenas, mini-golf courses, and a full-service restaurant. Kids and adults alike will enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.

The GiftYa from Kokomo Joe’s also gives recipients the flexibility to exchange for a Visa or a different GiftYa. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, the GiftYa from Kokomo Joe’s is the way to go. Give the gift of entertainment with a GiftYa from Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center.