giving the way it's meant to be:

Fast, personalized, memorable, can't be lost and doesn't lose value... a gift that's used, every time!

GiftYa's egift is the brand new way to give and receive.

money back guarantee

Tired of wasting money on gift cards that go unused? With GiftYa, there's no waste. If your recipient doesn't use the egift at the store you selected, then you get your money back.

never lose or forget your egift

Link the egift you received to your current Visa or Mastercard, shop as you normally would and your credit/debit card will be credited with the gift. No need to fill up your wallet with bulk plastic gift cards.

you'll love receiving egifts


Get an egift for thousands of your favorite retailers, stores, restaurants and more.


Link your egift to your current Mastercard or Visa credit card(s) within minutes.


Shop as you normally would and the card you used will be credited with the amount of the gift.

Our mission is to make giving easier.

Empowering people to instantly send personalized gifts, never reducing the value of the gift, and the giver only paying if the gift value is used.

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