Egift cards, personalized, for any merchant in the USA

Why GiftYa?

Text a personalized e-gift within seconds for any national or local merchant, securely connected to your recipient’s Visa or Mastercard.

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Gifting for the new millennium.


  • Text a GiftYa to a recipient in your cell phone.
  • Personalize the GiftYa with a photo or video.
  • Choose any merchant, anywhere in the country.
  • Deliver the GiftYa immediately or schedule for a later date.
  • Connect the GiftYa to a Visa or Mastercard so it cannot be lost or stolen.


Popular GiftYa merchants

Trusted by hundreds of organizations, merchants, & individuals.

From local boutiques, to major restaurant chains and large financial institutions, GiftYa is a secure and trusted way to give.

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GiftYa is like the
Venmo of gifting!

Girl in a coffee shop

"My sister lives in Pittsburgh and has a favorite local coffee shop. Thanks to GiftYa I can treat her to a latte from over 450 miles away."

- Dan, Washington, D.C.

Send a GiftYa

Give a personalized gift to any merchant in the U.S.

Choose from almost any merchant in the U.S., select the amount you want to give, personalize your GiftYa and send it to your recipient’s phone within seconds.

Received a GiftYa

Never lose or forget your GiftYa.

Connect the GiftYa you received to your payment card in seconds, shop as you normally would and your account is credited the amount you spend until the GiftYa is used in full.

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for GiftYa on the go!

Tired of never knowing your gift card balance? With GiftYa, you will always know the balance of the GiftYas you give and receive.

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