a personalized gift to replace the gift card

Unique and meaningful… a GiftYa is sent within seconds, can’t be lost and doesn’t lose value!

Give a gift amount from national brands, local restaurants, online shops & more.

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give a personalized gift to anyone, anytime

Choose from almost any merchant across the USA, select the amount you want to give, personalize your GiftYa and send it to your recipient’s phone within seconds.

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never lose or forget your GiftYa

Link the GiftYa you received to your debit card in seconds, shop as you normally would and your account is credited the amount you spend until the GiftYa is used in full.

why you'll love using GitYa
why you'll love giving personalized gifts with GiftYa

meaningful gift experience

GiftYa uses the technology that’s part of our every day lives to send meaningful, personalized gifts in the moment.

no more unused gift cards

$1 billion in gift cards go unused every year. GiftYa fixes that by linking the gift to the recipient’s debit card.

money back guarantee

If your recipient doesn’t claim the GiftYa you bought, the unused funds will be credited back to you.

"My parents live in Plano, Texas. Every Sunday morning they have breakfast together at the Maple Leaf Diner. Thanks to GiftYa, I was able to treat them to breakfast last weekend from over 1,300 miles away!"

Amanda T.
Pottsville, Pennsylvania

personalized gifts

GiftYa is a personalized gift you can send within seconds!

Personalize your GiftYa for your recipient: choose from almost any merchant across the USA to make it a local gift or a big name brand gift, choose the amount, the message for your recipient and the design.

To personalize the design, you'll be able to upload a photo or video and choose a fun wrapper. Within seconds, your personalized gift is sent to your recipient's phone!

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