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GiftYa is the gifting app and platform that allows consumers to send friends an e-gift card in any amount, to any merchant, shop - your shop - restaurant or venue, anywhere, regardless of size or location. List your shop and upload your logo on GiftYa today; it’s free. Claim your business now

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At GiftYa, every merchant counts


Merchants help shape their communities by getting involved in them, developing them, creating jobs, increasing the tax base, innovating, promoting entrepreneurship, helping the environment, and fostering a spirit of diversity and competition that keeps the community healthy and growing. 

At GiftYa, every merchant counts, no matter how small or large, whether a boutique café, or the neighborhood Starbucks. From a franchise store to the corner gift shop, a mass sporting goods chain to a 5-employee skateboard shop, every merchant counts as much as the next one. Because when consumers think of a thoughtful gift, size doesn’t come into play. It’s all about what their friend or loved one values and treasures. It’s all about gifting the thought that counts.

Can't forget the swag


GiftYa will provide you with window stickers and table tents for you to display in your establishment. The benefit to merchants is to provide an alternative source of revenue at no additional cost. Customers are already giving merchants business, GiftYa allows them to give them incremental business by gifting their brand to others.

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Grow Your Business

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Frequently asked questions

What is GiftYa?

A gifting app and platform that allows consumers to send friends gifts in any amount, to any shop, restaurant, venue or merchant anywhere, regardless of size or location.

How much is GiftYa going to cost me?

Nothing. GiftYa is free to merchants. You couldn’t pay for it if you wanted to. To us all merchants weigh the same, regardless of size or location, and they’re all available in our platform.

What’s the catch? What’s in the fine print?

There is no catch. We charge consumers a small fee for a great value - they can now send gifts to any of their loved ones’ favorite stores, restaurants, museums, venues, etc. It is totally free for merchants. No fine print.

How do I benefit?

We feature your business in our app and give you exposure. We make your business available to anybody searching for it and looking to send someone a gift for it. Bottom line - incremental exposure and revenues with no effort on your part.

How am I featured?

We treat all merchants alike; we make it as easy for consumers to give a gift for Amazon as we do for a 1,000 square-foot local establishment.

What do I need to do?

Send us your logo. Period. GiftYa is like branded cash. You don’t need to do anything to accept cash. You don’t need to do anything to accept GiftYa. Your cash will just look nicer with your logo on it.

What is GiftYa trying to accomplish?

GiftYa’s vision is to move humanity to express care for each other more often, and quick, through beautiful gift giving. Current digital mobile platforms are limited to mostly national brands. We broaden the field to all merchants, all sizes in all locations. Our tagline expresses our product benefit - the thought that counts - regardless of whether it’s the iTunes store or your local vinyl record store. GiftYa opens the e-gifting experience to mom’s well deserved spa getaway, dad’s Home Depot power tools, grandma’s neighborhood art supplies store, Joey’s campus tattoo parlor or a BFF’s museum hangout. These are the gifts that make the thought that counts.