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No POS integration or tech required to sell a GiftYa to your location. We will handle the hard work.

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Buyers from anywhere in the country can now give a gift or experience at your location - instantly.

perks of being an Official Partner

  • have your own dedicated brand page on the GiftYa app and website
  • your company logo can be added to every GiftYa
  • buyers no longer have to pay a processing charge – further increasing the appeal of your GiftYa
  • be a part of the #GiftYa movement – fixing the broken gift card market where nearly $1 billion in gift cards remain unused each year
  • access to valuable buyer data through our Official Partner portal*
  • sell GiftYas on your own website using our white label widget*
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here's what it costs to join the #GiftYa movement

become a GiftYa Official Partner
+ $0.99 per transaction
no setup fees or upfront costs
only pay when a recipient redeems a GiftYa at your business
buyer no longer pays a Processing Charge
only pay for the load value of the GiftYa

why partner with us?

We are the founders of - the world's largest online gift card website. We know gift cards better than anyone and made it our mission to fix the broken gift card market by creating GiftYa.

GiftYa is a Pittsburgh-based Fintech company that revolutionizes the way you give and receive gifts.

When purchasing a GiftYa, buyers can choose almost any merchant across the U.S., personalize their gift with a photo or video, write a custom message, choose from hundreds of pre-designed gift wrappers and deliver it within minutes using only the recipient’s phone number.

Recipients simply link their debit card via their bank in just a few seconds, shop as they normally would and their account is credited the amount they spend until the GiftYa value is used in full. Unlike a gift card, a GiftYa can never be lost or stolen and it doesn’t lose value.

Nearly $1 billion in gift cards go unused each year. GiftYa fixes that. If the recipient doesn’t claim the GiftYa the buyer purchased, the GiftYa amount is credited back to the buyer’s account… there’s no waste! The gift card industry, and gift cards themselves are broken - with untraceable funds regularly stolen to fund underground human trafficking and fraud. GiftYa is dedicated to fixing it with the next generation of gifting.

GiftYa is more than a website or app, it’s a movement. GiftYa makes the most of the technology we already use every day so givers can send meaningful gifts in the moment. Join the #GiftYa Movement.

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