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Send e-Gift Cards for Hershey, PA

Text a GiftYa to anyone in your contact list within seconds. Choose any merchant in the USA, personalize your gift with a photo or video, and write a custom message. The recipient will link their GiftYa to their Visa or Mastercard and never lose or forget their gifts again.

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Hershey, PA
Personalize your gift

Personalize your gift

Give a gift amount from almost any merchant in the United States: major department stores and restaurants to your local coffee shop or boutique. GiftYa helps you give personalized gifts and experiences that your recipients will appreciate.

To make your gift unique, every GiftYa includes the ability the upload a photo or video, choose from a variety of fun wrappers, write a custom message, and select the exact date you would like the GiftYa to be delivered. It only takes a few seconds to send a GiftYa.

Top gift idea

Top gift idea

Unlike gift cards that can easily be lost, stolen, or forgotten, is a top gift idea because it’s the no waste, no loss gift. The recipient simply links the GiftYa to their debit card and makes a purchase at the merchant they were given. Their linked card is credited the amount they spend until their GiftYa is used in full.

looking for local gift ideas or the perfect local gift?

Give a gift to a favorite local pub or corner bookstore. With GiftYa you can choose almost any merchant, anywhere making GiftYa the perfect local gift.