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GiftYa has reinvented gifting by helping you give intentional gifts and experiences in the moment. Use the GiftYa app or website to choose almost any merchant in the U.S., select a gift amount and text a personalized gift in seconds. The recipient simply connects the GiftYa to their Visa, Mastercard or bank accout. The next time they use their connected card to make a purchase at the selected merchant, their account is automatically credited the gift amount they spend until the GiftYa is used in full. *Can also be used like an eGift card.
Connecting a GiftYa to your Visa, Mastercard or bank account lets you automatically get credited the gift amount when you make a purchase - there's nothing else to remember! We also offer other options like using your gift as an eGift just like you would use a plastic gift card.
Send or receive a GiftYa to almost any merchant in the U.S. From major department stores and restaurants to your local coffee shop or boutique, GiftYa helps you give meaningful, personalized gifts and experiences. View a full list of our merchants.
There was a problem with your order. We were unable to process your payment. This can happen for several reasons. Bankrate offers a list of 7 common reasons credit/debit cards get declined. Unfortunately, we cannot solve this issue in our call center or by sending in a ticket. If you are an existing customer, please contact our Resolution Center.
It is 100% free to sign up for GiftYa, receive a GiftYa, and use a GiftYa. Processing charges are only incurred if you buy a GiftYa or if you choose certain options when exchanging your GiftYa.

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For all other help requests contact us at 1-855-534-5222.