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  • What is a GiftYa?
    GiftYa has reinvented gifting by helping you give intentional gifts and experiences in the moment. Use the GiftYa app or website to choose any merchant in the United States, select a gift amount, and send personalized gifts to your loved ones. The recipient simply links the GiftYa to their debit card. The next time they shop at the merchant you chose, their debit card will be credited the amount they spend until their GiftYa amount is used in full.
  • Is a GiftYa the same thing as a gift card?
    No, a gift card can easily be lost, stolen, or forgotten. GiftYa fits seamlessly into your normal shopping routine, utilizing the debit card you already use every day. A GiftYa can never be lost, stolen or forgotten – making every gift giving experience a meaningful one.
  • Where can I use GiftYa?
    Send or receive a GiftYa to almost any merchant in the United States. From major department stores and restaurants to your local coffee shop or boutique, GiftYa helps you give personalized gifts and experiences that mean the most to your loved ones. View a full list of our merchants.
  • How much does it cost to use GiftYa?
    It is 100% free to sign up for GiftYa, receive a GiftYa, and use a GiftYa. Processing charges are only incurred if you buy a GiftYa.
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