cost comparison calculator

GiftYa outperforms gift cards in cost savings and value added. Enter your gift information below or use the default values to see how much GiftYa will save you compared to standard gift cards.

number of gift cards sold annually
average card value ($)

You could save $2,000,000.00 with GiftYa gift credits!

based on the information given above

merchant service fee (2%) $0.00
processor (i.e. First Data) $0.00
fraud $0.00
fulfillment $0.00
customer service/activation $0.00
impact from fraud
commission $10.00 $10.00
total per card $12.00 $12.40
total annual cost
(5,000,000 cards)
  • new model
  • NO fraud
  • NO fulfillment cost
  • NO escheatment
  • NO POS integration
  • old model
  • fraud - secondary market
  • fulfillment cost
  • possible negative effect on brand